Tuning In – from Mayford to Greenwood

Inspired by their understanding that people with profound and multiple learning disabilities mainly express themselves through non verbal gestures and through day to day behaviours, the students created a direct invitation for the new community in Greenwood to challenge their senses and experience an unexplored world of communication possibilities.

Using multisensory storytelling as a way to reafirm individual and group identity in a new place, the students took what they learned from the storytelling sessions at Mayford Day Centre to design a new Storytelling Kit tool for staff to tell the story of Mayford to its members and to the new community in Greenwood.


Storytelling Toolkit 

Contents: 1 personalised container, 3 scripts, 1 bunting, 1 drum, 1 cup, 2 maracas, 1 sound amplifier, 1 steering wheel, 1 hand cream, 1 flower, 1 ball, 1 sensory ball


With a prevailing need for integration of PMLD people into the wider community, the students created a Sensory Story Wall that covers two functions: to be a mobile tool for PMLD members to interact and experience on a daily basis, as well as to raise “sensory awareness” for the wider community through the creation of stories with this tool that presents different levels of sensitivity and perception.

The final concept responding to the needs of users of the Mayford Day Centre was a 2 Part Visibility Campaign:

Taking signature movements from the members at Mayford Day Centre, the campaign emphasises the simple, yet fascinating, non-verbal communication world the students discovered during the project. With colourful backgrounds and highlighting only eyes and hands, this communication catalogue intends to raise awareness of different modes to express identity.



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