The Design Museum

Location: The Design Museum

The Design Museum is reimagined as a public studio and urban manufacturing centre, a Design Factory. The aim is to encourage exercise and create opportunities for people to design, do and make using recycled materials to minimise local waste.interior_cropExercise events inside and outside create a permeable space on the ground floor. Removable walls build a connection to the park that improves mental and physical well beingby allowing visitors to incorporate exercise into their day.

Data about waste materials the visitor has generated and information about how much exercise they have done is collected by the building’s I.O.T.and then translated into credits granting permissions to use design facilities and new design materials.

Visitors are encouraged to combine their exercise and waste credits to undertake ambitious projects, inspired by the objects inside the Design Museum.


Consent is requested for non essential security data showing a sensitivity to the visitor’s cyber security. Data collected from visitors about local waste and health is then visualised on the windows outside the museum.

Autonomous Vehiclesthat enter the museum alongside the public to deliver waste materials add to the data and processes of the Design Museum by collecting local waste and observing local exercise habits.

Soft monitoring technology is integrated with the data that is collected in order to give the appearance of an unregulated space.

Team: Yu Sun, Martin Torley, Deheng Liu, Kara Andarini


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