Thames River Boat

The students were asked to create a proposal for an experience that communicates the impact flooding may have on London as we know it. The environment is a visitor boat on the River Thames. The team will need to plan the boat route and any locations along the route that they think could demonstrate the effects of flooding.

The students’ goal was to explain the dangers of flooding but also demonstrate how innovations might emerge from the rise in water level. Could London become a Venice? What new technologies, sports, communities and activities might emerge as London changes shape?

The students Gwen van den Bout, Kirsten Wehner, Lillian Li, Zhara Toolabi, Natasha Filatova and Benjamin James proposed London Underwater


London Underwater responds to this challenge by drawing Londoners’ attention to the rain and its relationship to flooding. The project invites the city’s residents to protect their places by making choices that will help mitigate climate change.


Comprised of a series of unique ‘rain shelters’ located in boroughs at greatest risk of flooding, the project enables pedestrians to step, literally, out of the wet and, imaginatively, into the river.

Screen-Shot-2017-01-25-at-16.20.19.pngCocooned within an immersive, sensory experience, shelter visitors are invited to consider how their everyday lives unfold as part of the life of the Thames, and how their everyday lifestyle choices are shaping their relationship with the river into the future.Screen-Shot-2017-01-25-at-16.20.46.png