Smithfield Market

Location: Smithfield Market, a food market.

With an increasing population and the constant renovation of spaces in London, in 2038 the iconic Smithfield Market will transform into a multi-functional public square.

“The Field” will house an insect market, a clean air sanctuary and an energy efficient nightclub.

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Smithfield Market Pres-3_Insects


The Insect Market

Offering new culinary experiences with alternative sources of protein, the Insect Market will be the only certified place in the UK to sell insects. Working on a circular economy base, the market will run automated waste systems, drone delivery as well as local food production.



Smithfield Market Pres-3_Nightclub


Energy Efficiency Nightclub

Sensory generated energy platforms fuelled by visitors dance moves will fulfil the energy needs of the space, while offering a nightlife experience. Perfect for today’s gender fluid insect eating 24 hour party generation!




Smithfield Market Pres-3_clean air


Clean Air Sanctuary

By 2038 the air quality will force dwellers to wear masks on a daily basis. In response to this, the Field will provide a sanctuary for visitors to remove their masks and enjoy a moment of clean air.





Using smart infrastructure managed by an artificial intelligence generated system, the space will adapt to different spatial demands, answering to visitors musical, nutritional and lighting preferences gathered and tracked through data connectivity.


Team: Mei-Feng Lin, Layan Al Saud, Wenjie Zhang, Janina Castaneda, Ana Plasencia, Lucy Hayhoe.  


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