NHS 3rd Wave

Location: The London Aquatics Centre, a sports building 

NHS Third Wave

In 2038 the NHS has evolved – with holistic therapeutic activities and regimes delivered across a network of local hubs in and around London. NHS Third Wave (formerly the London Aquatics Centre) is the model health centre.

The services provided have evolved – combining advance hydrotherapy, bio engineering and intelligent building, with a particular emphasis on catering to the ageing local community.

This iconic building has been opened up and fully integrated into the landscape. Its green infrastructure incorporates built forms, gardens, bodies of water and future-forward bio materials. These materials are directly utilised and later recycled in a  circular additive manufacturing system that provides patients with prosthetics and wareables.


Traditional therapeutic practices are couples with advanced medical technologies. Parents are encourages to take part in shared, small-scale gardening activities which themselves contribute to the circular manufacturing process.

Team: John Allsopp, Jean Campbell, Matt Gidazweski, Marta Kedziora, Malika Navale, Yu Zhao.

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