Millenium Bridge

Location: The Millennium Bridge

In 2038, extreme weather like flooding, heat waves and storms will be constantly putting pressure on the city of London, which urgently calls for the raise of city resilience.

Meanwhile the dense population within the city is increasingly facing severe social crisises such as resource scarcity, interpersonal alienation, unemployment and poor health. Residents in future megacities are likely to turn to hands-on, organic economies.

For instance, the river Thames could be bought back to life, making fishing an industry that could flourish.

In this context, the Millennium Bridge will be able to sense and forecast extreme weather like flooding and storms with the help of an advanced weather sensor and data analysis system. It is equipped to shelter pedestrians from emergency situations.

Millenium Bridge_Millenium Bridge Visuals_3

As well as providing a transport route, the bridge enables high efficiency fishing production underneath, facilitated by an intelligent fishing net system, which transforms into a shields during emergency situations like flooding,

All the energy required to support these activities is generated by the pedestrians using the bridge itself.


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