Curation Station – from Highgate to Greenwood.

The Curation Station forms a way for members of  Highgate Day Care  to take ownership of their new space in Greenwood by enabling them to showcase their talents.

Consisting of a hanging system that will be implemented in the hallway outside of Highgate’s private space within Greenwood, the design allows daycare users to display not only flat works, but also 3D art, and will be able to be fit to whatever size art is wished to be shown.

view 1 greenwood

The goal is to give the Highgate members control over curating the space and what they display, deciding on it together in order to give them a sense of ownership over their environment.

If the pilot design is successful, more hanging systems will be rolled out throughout the building for Highgate members to curate, featuring their own art but also art from the other centers in the new hanging areas.

Team members: Amanda McFerren, Emma Pretti, Marta Kedxoria, Max Pringle

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