ENSAMAA x UAL CSM – Living Room

The Living Room design aims to provide users with a sanctuary; a controlled, healthy, planted environment  which encourages collaboration and relaxation.

Enter the Living Room…

With light to perceive clearly, oxygen to breathe deeply and space to collaborate creatively, you enter a collective, enlightened, being together.

Living Room - Presentation - ENSAAMA

Here you find nature and places of bodily repose. You can see out but cannot be seen within. The lights cast shadows on the world outside, enclosing within and shielding from without behind a structure covered with plants.

You find stools and tables to work.

You encounter the landing screen on your WIFI connected device that shows you how to program the space. You learn to negotiate with each other and with the environment, to decide the timing and the aims of this intense moment of co-working.

Living Room - Presentation - ENSAAMA

As you move towards the end of your programmed time, you gradually open to the intimate atmosphere created by the sound of gurgling water through the hydroponic garden and move towards a more reflective state.

The environment compliments by controlling the levels of artificial sunlight and manufactured oxygen forming a meditation  space as you move from stool to seat, crossing into reflection, away from work and from each other.

Living Room - Presentation - ENSAAMA