The concept of BB&B focuses on creating a spontaneous and casual co-working space. The modular structure caters to varying working and resting preferences. The multiplication of units creates tailor made environments. Individual workstations join together to create intimate alcoves for focused working and relaxed spaces for social interaction. Each structure is on wheels allowing it to be easily maneuvered by two users, fostering collaboration between students. Each unit consists of two panels containing a bed, standing desk or bar, hooks and storage space. Along with casual co-working space the BB&B provides students with a place to eat breakfast, share a beer after class, hang out on the sofa or take a power nap on the bed.


At CSM BB&B will be utilised almost on a 24hr basis. In contrast Ensaama students with their strict schedule will at last have a tailormade space for those short but vital rest periods; pre-class, lunchtime and post-class. At CSM BB&B will be located on the third floor taking full advantage of the light, view and seclusion. Whilst at Ensaama, it will be situated in the Exhibition space, utilising this quiet and light space between exhibitions and during fit ups.



The standard working position of Ensaama students and indeed those at CSM is seated at a desk. BB&B offers a horizontal or vertical bodily experience, that disrupts the daily norm. Standing to work can aid dynamic brainstorming, posture and promote a healthier lifestyle, offering a less sedentary working experience. Lying full length on the bed provides quality rest that can re-energise, giving the opportunity for tense muscles to stretch and relax.


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