‘Shift it’ responds to difficulties that arise during multidisciplinary co-working projects. As a thinking and making space, it results from research of the needs of students at Central Saint Martins (UK) and ENSAAMA (France).

above : the installation site at ENS AAMA Paris (left) and the site at CSM London (right)

The ‘Shift it’ team proposes a closed structure that creates an intense experience, only available for two hours to each group, aiming to encourage rapid decision-making and resolution for group projects. The booking system allows groups to book it in advance.

The structure expresses productive collaboration through a unified form comprising two interlocking volumes that are offset. One rises above the other suggesting creative transformation.



Groups of up to six students enter the space to resolve ideas, develop and manifest design propositions. They face each other around the central table which has a light box, a cutting board, white board panels and spot lights for photography. The table encourages students to make and share their ideas while the surrounding structure reduces distraction from the outside world.

However, ‘Shift it’ is situated in open/semi open spaces, the courtyard at ENSAAMA and Crossing at CSM, so that the internal space is partially lit by day light and students are not isolated from the natural world.