ENS AAMA x UAL CSM – Beyond the Frames

Beyond the Frames aims to provide a convivial environment that encourages meetings and collaboration for multi-disciplinary design students in both Central Saint Martins, London and ENS AAMA, Paris. By rethinking the public spaces that students normally pass by without noticing, the project realises the potentials in two locations – the Bridge on the first floor at CSM and the entrance hall in ENS AAMA.

Both locations deal with similar issues of crowdedness, but they also share a trait that informed the project: picturesque views in both spaces, visible through glass parapets in London and floor-to-ceiling windows in Paris.

The proposal aims to maintain the sense of openness in each location. It provides a pair of joined co-working areas to trigger students’ inspiration whilst also maintaining a sense of seclusion to enable concentration during group discussions and other collaborative activities.

_ENSAAMA 4.jpg

The co-working installation is designed with an organic shape fitted with semi-transparent curtains, and integrates wooden furniture for use by the students. The fluid curved structure works as a frame, which encourages the users to appreciate the scenes of outer atmosphere with the transparency and flexibility of the curtains. Concurrently, the shape of structure provides a bodily implication for the passers-by, intrigued to step into the inner co-working spaces.


Camille Richard

Francesca Roca

Ronnie Chou

Sabrina Vergnaud

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