Smyle: Say Hello!

Smyle is a well established creative agency with offices in Islington.

Passionate about fusing technology with creativity, they brief first year MA NE students to imagine a socially engaged holiday installation in the Smyle windows and lobby.

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The students created an interactive “Wave Chain” installation to counter loneliness in Islington, which is nationally ranked the borough with the 8th highest risk of loneliness.

The simple yet effective concept displayed a large screen, showing someone waving in the  Smyle window. Waving is an intuitive movement. The installation aims to engage with pedestrians so that they wave back.

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Their gesture is captured on film and projected on the screen, which encourages the next passer-by to wave, generating a sense of connection and community.

Microsoft Word - Smyle Group.docx

MA NE Team:

Kriti Agawal

Mary Doyle

Haruyasu Yanagi

Mandy Liu

Margarita Voyatzi

Haeyun Park