JJDluxe: Vilaplana & Vilaplana transform an old Spanish toy factory into a new garage and exhibition space.

Recently featured in a Designboom article,  MA Narrative Environments student Amelia Vilaplana has created the design behind the transformation of an old Spanish toy factory into JJDluxe, a garage and exhibition space for vintage luxury cars, in Ibi, Alicante.

The refurbishment of the building includes a reception area, two exhibition rooms and an office with a garage for the repair of vintage luxury cars to be bought by international collectors, or for use in films.


We managed to catch up with Amelia Vilaplana to get her view of the project and the inspiration behind it.

We were asked to refurbish the interior of the factory into JJDluxe.

The biggest challenge was to rethink the industrial typology and accommodate and articulate the three new uses inside the building: reception/office, garage, and exhibition space.

The workspace had to become instagrammable to promote the brand and have the possibility to be transformed into a micro  TV studio for recording shows.”


“The building was designed in the 80s for Feber, a toys brand that was famous for designing cars for kids so it was quite striking for us to accommodate vintage cars inside the building now, because we think they are toys for adults and because of the change of scale.”

“We decided to highlight the googie elements from the original building . Googie architecture is a futuristic and postmodernist style inspired in the car culture of the 40s and use materials reminiscent of the car industry as paint and metal panels.”

So if you are a classic car fanatic and happen to be in Alicante, go take a look around this spectacular renovation because, as the Designboom article says: “Vilaplana & Vilaplana’s renovated space is the perfect lively backdrop for the displayed car’s luxurious and vintage spirit.”