Nike Shanghai 001 store designed by MANE alumni Rosa Hua Huang & team

MANE alumni Rosa Hua Huang is part of the team behind the core design for the recently opened Nike 001 concept store in Shanghai, which the brand highlights as “one of it’s biggest innovation moments”.

Located in the city’s iconic Nanjing East Road shopping district, the 41,150 square ft store reveals the story of Nike’s brightest innovations, allowing customers a glimpse behind the curtain of the famous brand and offering personalised and digitally connected shopping journeys.

Visitors to the cross-category store can choose from a selection of hyper-local, exclusive products and gear. Personal customisation sessions with a designer to embellish select shoes, including dip-dye or embroidery, are available to Nike plus customers.

Branded Nike’s first “House of Innovation”, the Shanghai 001 store will be followed by a second concept store in New York City, so keep your ear to the ground!