Emoji Milan


Central Saint Martins, UAL have created a web-based interactive installation for la Rinascente at Milan Salone 2016.

Ryan Lewis, Simon Banos and Pei-Hsin Chen (students from BA Architecture and MA Narrative Environments at CSM) were commissioned by la Rinascente to design a public interactive piece running 12–18 April during the Milan Salone.



The performative piece takes place in and around the three vitrines of Annex la Rinascente and encourages the public to engage with the installation. London and Milan are (re)shaped using the universal language of emoji, collaging symbols referencing the character of the two cities together with those that represent iconic landmarks.

Visitors are invited to take selfies in front of the cityscapes and the #emojimilan images are fed through Instagram into the emoji-Milan and emoji-London vitrines. The interaction references that behaviour so common today – experiencing instagrammable landmarks through the filters of our smartphones – and the layers of city identity created through online conversation.