Picture a New Home: from New Shoots to Greenwood.

New Shoots is a fun and lively day centre based in a house in Kilburn. The sense of home and family is evident throughout the centre. Members are moving into Greenwood Center where they will be expanding their family to include members from Hayford and Pepperfield, and Highgate. To facilitate the transition to the Greenwood Centre, the team came up with engaging ways to identify what was meaningful about the New Shoots centre for the current members and ensure those elements are carried through to the new centre.

Observing the day-care centre users connection to photographs around New Shoots, the design team organised a photoshoot for members, helped them create personal photo albums and engaged them in an exercise using building blocks with photos of members of New Shoots and the other day-care centres to construct a representation of “home”.

The students noticed that the members interacted with the photos in three main ways: celebrating individuals, sharing personal memories and remembering shared experiences.

These insights helped to inform the design of three installations for Greenwood:

Greenwood Project_New Shoots_MANE2017-20


Wall of Fame: An updated Wall of Fame with magnetic frames on a magnetic surface, allowing rearrangement and interactivity. The frames were inspired by the eclectic way family photos are often displayed. Members from Pepperfield and Mayford can be included on the wall as well.

Personal Albums: A series of shelves surround a comfy red sofa, displaying photo albums co- created by the members. In this area, members can share their individual memories on an intimate scale. The albums can be updated as they create new memories at Greenwood.

Greenwood Project_New Shoots_MANE2017-26


Cork Boards: The boards allow larger groups to remember and discuss shared experiences. With magnetic surfaces behind the frames, the boards are easy to update. They provide a moment of communal bonding.



Team: Diane Dwyer, Francesca Roca, Layan Al Saoud, Malavika Navale


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